William Sealy Describes Noble Mission of DIMLI Project

knoxville-tn-1997William Sealy, a former senior web content administrator for seven years at The J. Paul Getty Museum and Trust, Los Angeles, CA, joined HART’s Visual Resources Center last September as an associate application developer. In the interim (2011-2014) he returned to Tennessee and his alma mater (art history major, University of Tennessee, Knoxville) to broaden his skill set as a senior web designer and developer. Ultimately the songwriter/musician was drawn to Nashville’s vibrant art and music scene and settled here late last summer.

While at the Getty (2000-2007), Sealy served as the technical lead of the redesign and redeployment of the J. Paul Getty public web site on multiple occasions, including the integration of an enterprise content management system. He created standards documents, project plans, and information architecture wire frames and interfaced with internal clients, including The Getty Research Institute, Conservation Institute, Leadership Institute, Education Department, and The J. Paul Getty Museum.

“We are very excited to have William join our DIMLI team,” said Chris Strasbaugh, director of the Visual Resources Center. “His mix of web design, art history, and experience at the Getty and UT make him a perfect fit for this project. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds with William leading the development of this amazing project.”

As a principal part of the Visual Resources Center, Sealy considers his primary responsibility to be that of supporting and further developing the Digital Media Management Library (DIMLI), which is housed along with the departments of history of art and classical studies in Cohen Hall on the Peabody campus. Citing one of his major strengths, Sealy said he is “good at identifying what needs to be done and then finding the technology, the tool that fits the job.”

DIMLI fills a definite need “since nothing currently exists in the visual resources community to catalog objects efficiently, ” said Sealy. “Another exciting aspect of DIMLI is its noble mission of a collaborative open community, the desire to increase knowledge and understanding rather than to make money.”

What lies ahead for DIMLI? Such features as improved order and user management, metadata import, linked-open DIMLI, and a museum and gallery module are on the horizon. Sealy will join Strasbaugh in making a joint presentation on March 12 at the Visual Resources Association’s annual conference held next week in Denver, Colorado. They will focus on discussing both the present set of features of DIMLI and its future development as well as answering questions about this exciting new open-source tool.

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