PowerPoint Plex: Session on Presentation Possibilities

We all love the simplicity and familiarity of PowerPoint, yet we are frequently annoyed by its creative limitations and purely linear organization. PowerPoint Plex puts an end to these woes by allowing users to interact with their presentation images in new and exciting ways. We can now zoom in and out of images in mid-presentation. Images can be seen in the normal manner (linear, one-by-one), or they can be viewed as part of a larger canvas. This allows us to change the order in which they are selected on the fly, thus creating incredibly dynamic presentations that promote more engaging lectures and classroom discussions.

If you ever wanted to see something done in PowerPoint that you once thought impossible, chances are Plex can make it happen! Join us in the VRC on Thursday, August 30, from 1:10 to 1:40 p.m. for what promises to be a stimulating training session.

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