Benezit Dictionary of Artists Available Online

The Benezit Dictionary of Artists, the preeminent authority on artists’ biographies in print since 1911, is now available online for the first time via Acorn or the Oxford Art Online link. With the addition of the digital Benezit to Oxford Art Online, art researchers now have instant access to this unparalleled resource as well as the ability to cross-search it with Grove Art Online and other essential Oxford art titles.

Within the vibrant context of late 19th-century Paris, the birthplace of Impressionism, post-Impressionism, and Cubism, Emmanuel Bénézit undertook the monumental project of the Dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs. An art enthusiast and amateur painter, he set out to compile a comprehensive listing of artists from all eras and places that would respond to the needs of the burgeoning discipline of art history, the newfound interest of Europeans in non-Western artistic traditions, and the contemporary flurry of activity in various artistic circles.

Comprising 14 volumes with entries on approximately 170,000 artists from antiquity to the present day and featuring regular updates, Benezit is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists in the English language. Entries on artists across all media are clear and concise, and Benezit contains thousands of detailed museum listings, bibliographies, exhibition histories, and auction records.

In addition to its outstanding scope and depth, two specific features render Benezit unique among art reference works: its superb coverage of obscure artists outside the traditional canon; and the inclusion of more than 11,000 images of artists’ signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale, an excellent resource for provenance research and authentication.

Other highly acclaimed art reference works included with the Arts Library’s subscription to Benezit are The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and the Oxford Companion to Western Art. ~Fay

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